Podiatry & Chiropody

Full Podiatry Appointment

Our fully qualified, HCPC registered podiatrist will carry out a thorough overall foot treatment, including a foot soak, all toenails cut and filed, with any thickened nails being reduced, as well as the safe removal of hard skin and corns and finished with the application of foot cream.


This is perfect for those who need a podiatry treatment but still want beautiful looking toenails. Includes everything in a full podiatry treatment with the addition of the application of OPI nail lacquer to the toenails.

Nail Cutting Service

For those people who have difficult to manage toenails, whether they be thickened, damaged or ingrown, a quick 15 minute appointment with the podiatrist may be all you need.

Verrucae Treatment

Treatment of painful and unsightly verrucae can be made easier and quicker with a visit to our podiatrist. The application of a high concentration of salicylic acid is considered ‘Gold Standard’ by podiatrists and is the method through which our in house podiatrist utilizes to get rid of those pesky verrucae. May require multiple applications.

Acupuncture can be booked as a course of treatments or as a single, stand-alone treatment.