Gel Colour

OPI Gel Colour is an ultraviolet manicure system that allows your nails to stay healthy and strong, while maintaining the chic shine of freshly manicured nails. Gel Colour goes on just like lacquer but is cured under a UV light for 30 seconds, which means it requires no drying time. Another benefit of Gel Colour is that is can last for up to 2 weeks, without chipping, fading or losing its shine, unlike conventional nail lacquer. Gel Colour can be added to an express or a luxury pedicure at a small additional cost.

Warm Paraffin Wax Treatment

This is a deeply soothing treatment for extremely dry or tired feet. It involves the feet being dipped into a bath of warm paraffin wax, the wax is left to dry on the feet for 15 minutes allowing the warm moisture to deeply hydrate the skin. Warm Paraffin Wax can be carried out as a stand alone treatment or can be added to an express or luxury pedicure.
Paraffin wax can also be used on the hands.


Our express pedicure is a quick fix for your feet, including toe nails filed, shaped, buffed and cuticle work and finished off with the application of an OPI nail lacquer (available in a wide range of colours).
For a more lavish foot treatment our luxury pedicure includes everything in an express pedicure, as well as a relaxing foot soak in our spa pedicure chair, exfoliation, mask and a foot and leg massage. We use Kaeso pedicure products which smell divine and leave you feeling like you’re walking on air.
For our younger clients we offer a Little Miss Pedicure, which is an express pedicure for under 12s. We can accommodate fun designs, and with our wide range of colours and glitters your little lady will have plenty to chose from for her toenails!